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Table 2 Advantages and challenges of standardizing outcomes across all reviews for a particular condition

From: Can a core outcome set improve the quality of systematic reviews? – a survey of the Co-ordinating Editors of Cochrane review groups

Advantages n Challenges n
Advantage for a systematic review/meta-analysis 39 Development of a COS 23
Improves interpretation/guidance 19 Something about scope 21
Outcome likely to be more appropriate 16 How to persuade authors/trialists/industry to implement 20
Advantage for the design of a new study 13 ‘How’ to measure once the ‘what’ has been decided 11
Improves something about the outcome itself 6 Important outcomes not currently being measured 2
Reduces outcome reporting bias 6 Resource to develop 2
Reduces resource requirement 1 Updating process 2
   Conflict of interest 1