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Table 3 Indicators for operational feasibility evaluation

From: Impact of a novel molecular TB diagnostic system in patients at high risk of TB mortality in rural South Africa (Uchwepheshe): study protocol for a cluster randomised trial

Indicator Method of measurement
Power supply Time log for power cuts/generator use
Operating temperature for GeneXpert machine Temperature log
Storage temperature for Xpert MTB/RIF kits Temperature log
Hands-on user time Activity log
Indeterminate results GeneXpert software
Data errors (incomplete identifiers etc.) GeneXpert software
Maintenance needs Requirement for supplier support
Training requirements Recording of initial and follow-up training sessions
Supervision requirements Log of assistance from other laboratory staff/PI
Waste management Recording of problems with disposal of used cartridges
User appraisal Regular appraisal by laboratory staff and study staff
User performance Regular independent observation of staff performance