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Figure 2

From: Accumulating Evidence and Research Organization (AERO) model: a new tool for representing, analyzing, and planning a translational research program

Figure 2

Concordance in a trajectory. Edges show the intellectual lineage. The graph shows eleven experiments across six years. The edges between studies represent the intellectual lineage between them and illustrate the translational research trajectories. Some trajectories are perfectly concordant (for example, α 1α 2β 3γ 3δ 2), while others show discordance (for example, α 1β 1 or α 1α 2β 2γ 1δ 1). The phase 2 studies are also highly inconsistent (that is, one positive, one negative, and one inconclusive study), indicating a relatively rough transition into this phase. Given that phase 2 was initiated after only one positive phase 1 trial, this may indicate that the threshold of evidence used to transition into phase 2 is too low and ought to require at least some degree of consistency.

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