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Table 1 Effect sizes (Cohen’s d) on secondary outcome measures obtained in the pilot trial for the CR group compared to the pooled RT and TAU groups

From: Goal-oriented cognitive rehabilitation in early-stage dementia: study protocol for a multi-centre single-blind randomised controlled trial (GREAT)

Measure Post-intervention 6-month follow-up
Participants with dementia   
Quality of life (QoL-AD) 0.24 0.29
Depression (HADS) 0.26 0.13
Anxiety (HADS) 0.21 0.11
Memory (RBMT) 0.37 0.08
Verbal fluency (FAS) 0.29 -
Sustained attention (TEA elevator counting) 0.76 -
Auditory selective attention (TEA ECD) 0.53 -
Visual selective attention (TEA map search 1 min) 0.11 -
Everyday problem-solving (ILS) 0.21 -
Stress (RSS) 0.54 0.27
Psychological well-being (GHQ) 0.51 0.11
Quality of life: social relationships (WHOQoL) 0.34 0.49
Quality of life: psychological (WHOQoL) 0.11 0.55
Quality of life: physical health (WHOQoL) 0.69 0.38
Quality of life: environment (WHOQoL) 0.46 0.08
  1. HADS Hospital Anxiety and Depression Scale, RBMT Rivermead Behavioural Memory Test, TEA Test of Everyday Attention, FAS letter fluency for letters F, A, and S, TEA ECD, TEA elevator counting with distraction, ILS Independent Living Scales, RSS Relatives’ Stress Scale, GHQ-12, General Health Questionnaire.