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Table 4 Proposals for the reporting of educational intervention

From: Inadequate description of educational interventions in ongoing randomized controlled trials

Domains Examples
Describe the access to all intervention materials used
· Publicly available access: description of modalities of access · Non publicly available access: description of conditions and process of access Availability of a link to a trial website that contains all materials For intervention materials, contact the investigator Dr. … at the following address …@…
Describe the intervention materials considered
· Materials used by participants Booklet, leaflets, website, homework assigned
· Materials used by care providers Training guide, interview guide, phone contact guide, questionnaires, manuals, schedule, online case manager module
· Other materials available describing interventions Video of session, protocols
Provide a comprehensive description of the intervention
· The content of the intervention  
List and describe all components “The education and support package consists of a written education booklet that provides tailored information, supplemented by verbal reinforcement and repetition of the information contained therein stroke.” [17]“The written education booklet contains topics including the definition, causes, warning signs, risk factors, effects, diagnosis and treatment of stroke, as well as rehabilitation, recovery, returning to activities, going home, practical management strategies and services and support available after stroke.” [17]
· The modalities of delivery  
Describe the mode of delivery “This verbal reinforcement will occur both face-to-face (prior to hospital discharge) and over the telephone (after hospital discharge).” [17]
Describe the course period “The treatment will run for up to 3 months post-discharge.” [17]
Describe the number, the frequency and the duration of each educationalsession “Full participation requires 2 hours per week of online contribution for 6 weeks.” [16]
· The care provider interacting with participants  
Describe qualifications “Intervention consists in meets with oncology nurse to have questions answered about medical treatments and side effects.” [18]
Describe level of experience “The intervention group will receive chemotherapy education from an experienced nurse prior to their first chemotherapy which may last up to one hour.” [19]
Describe the duration of training “Facilitators administering the interventions will be qualified health professionals who have completed a 2-day training course.” [16]
· The methods used to standardize interventions and control adherence to protocol
Describe methods of standardization “The online cardiac case manager has a separate content/patient management structure, which allows them to track the progress in terms of readings, educational activities and patient self-report data.” [20]
Describe the methods used to control adherence to protocol “A proportion of sessions will be taped and evaluated by an independent assessor to ensure that Group CBT strictly follows the manual.” [18]