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Table 1 Follow-up for QoL and data collection according to randomized arms

From: Health-related quality of life in cancer patients at the end of life, translation, validation, and longitudinal analysis of specific tools: study protocol for a randomized controlled trial

  Baseline Follow-up
  D1a Between
D1 and D3b
Before every consultation until death (J30+/-3 days) If necessary according to randomized allocated arm (notebook)
Collected data and order of administration for QoL questionnaires     
  Arms Arms Arms Arms
Consent A/B/C/D    
Questionnaires: QLQ-C15, MVQOLI and QUAL-E A/B/C/D A/B/C/D B and D  
Questionnaires: MVQOLI, QLQ-C15 and QUAL-E    A and C  
Questionnaires: MVQOLI, QLQ-C15     D and C
Performance Status, Performance Palliative Scale A/B/C/D A/B/C/D A, B, C, D  
Vital signs, pain (EVA) A/B/C/D A/B/C/D A, B, C, D  
Care (Oncology, Psychology, and so on) A/B/C/D A/B/C/D A, B, C, D  
Responsiveness question A/B/C/D A/B/C/D   D and C
  1. aD1: First day, the day where the first QoL questionnaires will be completed; D3: 3 days after the first day administration
  2. bCan be done D1 at the end of the day if the first was done early in the day
  3. cOnly MVQOLI and QUAL-E