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Table 5 Echo protocol.

From: Temporary epicardial cardiac resynchronisation versus conventional right ventricular pacing after cardiac surgery: study protocol for a randomised control trial

Echo window Modality Measurement
Parasternal long axis MMode LV internal dimensions
   LV wall thickness
   Septum to lateral wall delay
  Colour flow Mitral regurgitation
Parasternal short axis PW doppler RVOT- pulmonary pre-ejection interval (PPEI)
  CW doppler PA acceleration time
Apical 4 chamber 2D LA and RA area
  MMode Long axis displacement- RV lateral/LV septal and
   lateral walls
  Colour flow Mitral regurgitation
  PW doppler Mitral inflow
   LVOT- aortic pre-ejection interval (APEI)
  MVI Medial and lateral E'
   Basal segments- peak velocity.
Apical 2 chamber 2D LVEDV and LVESV
  MVI Basal segments- peak velocity.
Apical 3 chamber MVI Basal segments- peak velocity.