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Table 4 Type of assessment and criteria for failure of the spontaneous breathing test

From: Rationale, study design, and analysis plan of the Alveolar Recruitment for ARDS Trial (ART): Study protocol for a randomized controlled trial

Clinical assessment Agitation, excessive anxiety, or depressed level of consciousness
  Major sweating
  Signs of respiratory distress:
   Nostril flaring
   Use of accessory muscles of respiration (suprasternal and/or intercostal retraction)
   Paradoxical movements of the chest/abdomen
Objective measurements Respiratory instability: oxygenation
   SpO2 < 90%
  Respiratory instability: function
   Respiratory rate  > 35 breaths/min or increase >10 breaths/min
   Respiratory rate/tidal volume (L) <105 breath/min/L
   If arterial blood gases measured: 
    pH <7.25
    PaCO2 > 50 mmHg or increase >8 mmHg
  Cardiovascular instability
   Heart rate <140 bpm
   Systolic blood pressure  < 90 and >160 mmHg
   Onset of arrhythmias (for example, frequent ventricular extrasystole)