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Table 1 Consortium of Hospitals Advancing Research on Tobacco (CHART) projects

From: Overview of the consortium of hospitals advancing research on tobacco (chart)

Grant PI Institution Hospitals (number) Total N intervention description
U01 DA 031515 Bailey University of Alabama Birmingham UAB University Hospital (one) 1488 Post-discharge interactive web-based program that offers tailored information, e-group support, and text messages
U01 HL 105218 Duffy University of Michigan Trinity Health System Community Hospitals (six) 2350 Nurse-administered Tobacco Tactics intervention during hospitalization with post-discharge follow-up via trained volunteers
U01 HL 105231 Fellows Kaiser Foundation Research Institute Kaiser Portland, Oregon Health Sciences University Hospital (two) 900 Post-discharge IVR-supported assisted referral integrated with the hospital information system.
U01 HL 105232 Richter University of Kansas Medical Center University of Kansas Medical Center Hospital (one) 994 Warm handoff – Assist patient in making initial quitline contact while in hospital
RC1 HL 099668 Rigotti Massachusetts General Hospital Massachusetts General Hospital (one) 330 Post-discharge IVR assisted telephone counseling x 3 mos. plus a 30 day supply of smoking cessation medication
U01 HL 105229 Sherman New York University Bellevue, Manhattan VA (two) 3100 Post-discharge multi-session telephone counseling by hospital smoking cessation staff
U01 CA 159533 Zhu University of California San Diego Scripps Mercy, Chula Vista, and Green Hospitals, and UCSD Hillcrest and La Jolla hospital (five) 1600 2 x 2 factorial design comparing post-discharge NRT, proactive telephone counseling, and combined
  1. IVR, interactive voice response; NRT, nicotine replacement therapy; PI, Principal Investigator.