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Table 2 Patient data collected at baseline

From: A pilot randomised controlled trial of negative pressure wound therapy to treat grade III/IV pressure ulcers [ISRCTN69032034]

Patient demographics Date of birth, gender
  Current location of patient,
  Hospital speciality where patient was being treated (current inpatients only)
  Date of hospital admission (current inpatients only)
Ulcer assessment and history Ulcer assessment:
  Grade of reference pressure ulcer
  Location of reference pressure ulcer
  Reference pressure ulcer dimensions (width, length and depth)
  Ulcer history:
  Duration of reference pressure ulcer
  Time since the development of first pressure ulcer
  Current number of grade I/II and III/IV pressure ulcers
Infection Presence/absence of infection of the reference ulcer; if present, how infection was assessed
  Presence/absence of osteomyelitis
Co-morbidities Presence of incontinence, cardiovascular disease, peripheral vascular disease, diabetes, arthritis, orthopaedic, airway, neurological stroke, cancer or other co-morbidities
Treatment preference Indifferent to treatment allocation, prefer NPWT or prefer standard care
Pain Pressure ulcer-related pain (24 hour recall) using a 10 cm visual analogue scale
Quality of life EQ-5D questionnaire