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Table 10 Details of non-serious adverse events classified as ‘other’ and research nurses’ classification as to whether the event was considered to be related to the reference pressure ulcer

From: A pilot randomised controlled trial of negative pressure wound therapy to treat grade III/IV pressure ulcers [ISRCTN69032034]

Events considered to be related to the reference pressure ulcer: (n)
Deterioration of reference pressure ulcer 3
Increase in size/depth of reference pressure ulcer 2
Unable to remove Versafoam from wound* 1
Review of adverse event: removal of Versafoam* 1
Patient fell over VAC tubing and was unable to get off floor* 1
Increase in bleeding, wound malodorous and macerated to wound border 1
Events considered to be unrelated to the reference pressure ulcer: ( n )
Chest infection 2
Urinary tract infection 2
Generally unwell 2
Review of adverse event (Versafoam in ulcer)* 1
  1. *These non-serious adverse events were also considered to be definitely related to the trial treatment, as shown in Table 11.