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Table 1 Description of methods used by outreach workers

From: Promoting smoking cessation in Pakistani and Bangladeshi men in the UK: pilot cluster randomised controlled trial of trained community outreach workers

Intervention phase Methods and approaches
Phase 1 (November 2007-May 2008) Mapping the location of existing stop smoking services and meeting with local service providers within intervention areas.
  Networking with small Asian businesses and Bangladeshi and Pakistani community organisations to promote the stop smoking services.
  Developing promotional materials for distribution e.g. posters and leaflets.
  Engaging in 'street outreach' - approaching people on main roads and side streets, signposting the stop smoking services
  Providing 'brief intervention' -counselling smokers to quit using relevant languages (English, Urdu, Mir-puri, Bengali, Sylheti), identifying suitable quit dates, distributing custom-made literature and support material (e.g. Call 2 Quit telephone number)
  Carrying out weekly follow-up and behavioural support for smokers referred on to services by telephone and SMS text messaging
  Organising promotional events at health centres and baby clinics to promote smoking cessation and highlight dangers of passive smoking to female relatives of smokers
  Accompanying health professionals (e.g. Healthy Heart workers) at events and fairs to promote stop smoking services
Phase 2 (June 2008-October 2008) Identifying suitable venues for smoking cessation clinics
  Organising promotional events at mosques, leisure centres and libraries, with aim of raising awareness and promoting own smoking cessation clinics
  Providing smoking cessation treatment (nicotine replacement therapy) and behavioural support using relevant languages in smoking cessation clinics
  Engaging in street outreach to signpost people to own or existing smoking cessation clinics