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Table 1 Lesson Titles and Learning Objectives

From: The Active for Life Year 5 (AFLY5) school based cluster randomised controlled trial: study protocol for a randomized controlled trial

Title Summary of learning objective Homework
Fit Check 1 Introduce students to keeping a record of physical activity Goal setting: increasing activity and reducing TV. Scavenger hunt list included as suggestion.
Fit Check 2 Introduce children to interpreting results and setting goals  
Safe workout: PA Introduction (theory) Identify and sequence the components of a safe and healthy work out
Demonstrate a safe work out
Balance of Good Health (nutrition) Understand concept of healthy living
Balance of Good Health and its importance for a healthy diet
Cooking at home: two recipes
Five foods countdown (PA) Complete an endurance work out
Move for a set time without stopping
List a variety of foods from the food groups
Demonstrate awareness of five food groups in Balance of Good Health
Five food groups (nutrition) Role of different nutrients (especially macronutrients)
Serving recommendations and portion sizes
Blank Eat Well Plate: complete all food eaten in one day by food group
Musical Fare (PA) Demonstrate and complete an endurance activity to music
Demonstrate a pace that works for a set time (using music & dance)
Teach knowledge of the five food group in Balance of Good Health (integrated with PA exercise)
Keeping the balance (nutrition) Meaning of balance
Importance of a balanced diet
Bingo challenge card: choice of 10 activities to do out of 40
Three kinds of fitness (PA) Demonstrate five parts of a safe workout
Demonstrate different exercises that help improve endurance, strength and flexibility fitness
Identify different parts of fitness
Freeze my TV (sedentary behaviour) Analyse leisure time to identify time spent watching TV
Create list of alternative activities
Freeze My TV: a family game aimed at switching the TV off at planned times and doing an alternative activity together
Snack attack (nutrition) Describe the importance of selecting healthy snacks
Analyse food labels to locate nutritional information and fat content
Snack worksheet: comparing food content of two snacks at home
Bowling for snacks (PA) Demonstrate an endurance workout
Demonstrate a pace that they can follow for a set time
Describe a healthy snack (integrated with PA exercise)
Categorise a healthy snack (integrated with PA exercise)
Bowling for snacks: a game played with parents that involves identifying healthy snacks and replacing unhealthy snacks with healthy ones.
Think about your drink Measure the amount of sugar consumed from soft drinks and evaluate the results.
Learn to replace soft drinks and other sugar-sweetened beverages with healthy drinks like milk and water.
Sugar in drinks: instructions for calculating and measuring sugar in drinks at home
Veggiemania (PA) Complete an endurance workout
Demonstrate a pace that works for a set time
Learn the importance of eating five fruit and vegetables a day (integrated with PA exercise)
5 A Day: weekly planning sheet of ideas for increasing fruit and veg. consumption and checking whether these are achieved
Brilliant Breakfast (nutrition) Knowledge of the importance of having a healthy breakfast
Knowledge of the consequences of not having a healthy breakfast
Brilliant breakfast: writing a letter to a character who does not normally eat breakfast. The brief letter should persuade them to eat a healthy breakfast.
Fit Check Revisit and redo the Fit Check.  
  1. PA: Physical activity class