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Table 2 Domains and sub-domains of the taxonomy of fall-prevention interventions

From: Reporting of complex interventions in clinical trials: development of a taxonomy to classify and describe fall-prevention interventions

Domain Sub-domain
Approach: describes the theoretical approach in terms of the primary aims, whether a population or individual approach has been used, and whether selection or targeting criteria have been used to identify cases or populations. Primary aims of the intervention being developed
Primary selection criteria used for case identification.
Base: describes where participants have been selected from, where the intervention is delivered and by whom Recruitment or case identification: the site at which participants of the intervention were identified;
Primary site of delivery: the site at which the majority of the intervention is delivered or targeted.
Interventions delivered by : describes the individuals (professionals, trained professionals, etc) who deliver the majority of the intervention
Components: describes variations in assessments used for deciding treatments, the conceptual basis, and different methods of combining interventions Assessments that are used
Combination of interventions
Descriptors: describes each of the components delivered in the control including sub-classifications that are considered potentially important Description of control group or sham interventions
Description of the test interventions components