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Table 3 Provisional categories for non compliance (NCCODE).

From: The International Stroke Trial database

1. Should not have been randomised
2. Refused treatment
3. Initial event not a stroke
4. Haemorrhagic stroke
5. Non compliers
6. Discharged after 14 days
7. Discharged up to 14 days
8. Died prior to receiving the study drug(s)
9. Died after receiving the study drug(s)
10. Recurrent stroke/pulmonary embolism
11. Clinical decision
   11a. Suspected abnormality
   11b. Withdrawn as dying
   11c. Pre-existing condition
   11d. Stated abnormal PTT
   11e. Stated surgery
   11f. Stated atrial fibrillation
12. Administration problem
13. Missed out more than 3 doses
14. Side effect
   14a. Refused treatment
   14b. Discharged
   14c. Administration problem
   14d. Clinical decision
   14e. Recurrent stroke
   14f. Haemorrhagic stroke