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Table 1 Overview of questionnaires

From: Implementation of Internet-based preventive interventions for depression and anxiety: role of support? The design of a randomized controlled trial

   Time of measurement
Self rated questionnaires Aim T0
Baseline (pre-test)
(3 months)
Follow-up (12 months)
CES-D Symptoms of depression X X X X
PHQ-9 Symptoms of depression X X X X
HADS Symptoms of anxiety X X X X
BAI Symptoms of anxiety X X X X
EuroQol Quality of life X X X X
TIC-P Health service uptake and production losses X - X X
Mastery scale Mastery X X X X
(condition 1–4)
Client satisfaction with treatment - X - -
(condition 2–4)
Client satisfaction with coach - X - -
CEQ Expectancy and treatment credibility X - - -
SQ Motivation X    
SAPAS Personality disorder X - - -
WSQ Common mental disorders X - - -
SPSI-R Problem solving skills X X X X
Internet-Intervention Adherence Survey Non-response, attrition - i.a. i.a. i.a.
Various User characteristics X - - -
  1. *i.a.: if applicable