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Table 5 Measurement schedule

From: Hypertension Improvement Project (HIP): study protocol and implementation challenges

Time/variable Baseline 3 mo. 6 mo. 9 mo. 12 mo. 15 mo. 18 mo.
Personal characteristics and training X       
Practice habits (self-report) X   x     x
Clinical performance measure (intervention group only) X x x x x x x
Blood pressure (Omron HEM-907, average of 4 readings at 2 visits 1 week apart) X   x     x
Weight X   x     x
Fasting lipid panel X   x     x
24-Hour urine collection X   x     x
Diet (Block food frequency questionnaire) X   x     x
Physical activity (7-day physical activity recall) X   x     x
Physical activity (triaxial accelerometer) X   x     x
Medication adherence (self-reported medication-taking scale) X   x     x
Psychosocial mediators (SF-36, social support, perceived stress, depression) X   x     x
Symptom questionnaire X   x     x
Medication questionnaire X   x     x
Process measures (patient intervention only: attendance, self-monitoring records) X x x