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Table 4 Compliance with best-practice recommendations for readability

From: Creating concise and readable patient information sheets for interventional studies in Australia: are we there yet?

Source of advice Measure Compliance (%)
NHMRC Grade 8 readability level or below 1
Use of tables 40
Font size ≥ 11 points 94
ACSQH Words/sentence < 20 45
Sentences/paragraph < 3 93
Limited passive voice use (< 10%) 100
Word choice checked (simple words in place of complex ones)a 3
Medical/scientific terms fully explained 21
Left justified text 39
Use of illustrations 15
  1. NHMRC National Health and Medical Research Council, ACSQH Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Healthcare
  2. aAssessed for the presence of seven root words with simpler alternatives recommended in government plain language guidance—‘additional’, ‘approximate’, ‘concerning’, ‘reimburse’, ‘require’, ‘retain’, and ‘subsequently’