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Table 4 Schedule of events

From: Internet-based vestibular rehabilitation versus standard care after acute onset vertigo: a study protocol for a randomized controlled trial

Visit/contact Baseline 3 weeks (by phone) 6 weeks 3 months 12 months (by phone) Comments
Target day 0 21 +/−3 42 +/−3 90 +/−7 360 +/−14  
Eligibility screening, history x      
Randomization x      
VSS-SF x x x x x Primary endpoint, at 6 weeks
EQ-5D x x x x x  
DHI x   x x   
T25-FW x   x x   
Body sway x   x x   
Enhanced gait and body sway analyses x   x x   At selected sites only
vHIT x   x x   At selected sites only
Steps, falls, and fractures    x x   Total steps, since enrollment or last visit
BPPV questions    x x   
BPPV testing     x   
Compliance   x x    Questionnaire data, number of weekly sessions
Trial termination form (local)     x   Last site visit, at 3 months
Trial termination form (central)      x  
Estimated time requirement 150 min 15 min 120 min 120 min 15 min Total 7 h per participant
  1. Abbreviations: VSS-SF vertigo symptom scale short form, EQ-5D EuroQol five-dimension scale, DHI dizziness handicap inventory, T25-FW timed 25-foot walk test, SD standard deviation, vHIT video head impulse test