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Table 1 Domains and sample stems

From: Using mHealth to improve adherence and reduce blood pressure in individuals with hypertension and bipolar disorder (iTAB-CV): study protocol for a 2-stage randomized clinical trial

Domains Sample stems
Hypertension knowledge Blood pressure medication is a NECESSARY and EFFECTIVE way to lower blood pressure.
Bipolar disorder knowledge BDa results from a problem in the brain’s ability to regulate chemicals or ‘neurotransmitters’.
Benefits of blood pressure medication Blood pressure meds help lower blood pressure and improves heart health.
Benefits of BD medication BD meds help me function better and make it less likely that I will get depressed.
Making peace with medication Although I may wish I did not need meds, accepting that I do makes me stronger!
Social support My physical and mental health impacts others; I should take my meds for them.
Self-efficacy I believe that if I take my meds daily, my health will improve.
Medication routines Keep meds somewhere I will see them.
Spiritual God grant me the serenity to take care of my health by taking my meds.
Self-esteem I am special. I deserve to be healthy!
Social comparison I would encourage others with BD to take medication to stabilize their mood.
Custom Lisa wants me to be healthy so we can build a brighter future together!
  1. aBD bipolar disorder