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Table 1 When the participating municipalities received training and whether they were randomized or not

From: Minding the Baby versus usual care: study protocol for a quasi-cluster-randomized controlled study in Denmark of an early interdisciplinary home-visiting intervention for families at increased risk for adversity

Municipality Randomized MTB Teams Training in 2018 Training in 2019 Training in 2020 Population
A Yes 1 x    Small
B Yes 2   x   Medium
C Yes 2   x   Medium
D Yes 2 x    Medium
E Yes 2   x   Medium
F Yes 0   (x)   Small
G Yes 4 x x   Big
H No 1     Medium
I No 2   x   Medium
J No 2    x Medium
K No 2    x Small
  1. (x) the municipality withdrew from the study before training in 2019. Small: population <40,000; medium: population ≥40,000 and <100,000; big: >250.000