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Table 4 First-week e-mail example (translated from Spanish to English for publication purposes only)

From: CANreduce-SP—adding psychological support to web-based adherence-focused guided self-help for cannabis users: study protocol for a three-arm randomized control trial

Study arm 1 and 2 (paragraph in italics ONLY appears in study arm 1)
Hello {participant’s name }!
You've made it through the first week. Congratulations! I hope you've been well these past few days.
Your second week starts tomorrow. Log in today or late in the afternoon at and record in your user diary how much cannabis you have consumed in the last few days. You can also add when and how much cannabis you would like to use next week.
I take this time to encourage you to start another one of the eight modules. If you do the modules, you will get the most out of the course and achieve your goals.
Remember that if you need my opinion about your proposals or ideas or want me to help you with any of the exercises, you only have to send me an e-mail explaining what you want. Just indicate which exercise on which you need my help or opinion. I will answer you within 48 hours on work days.
Go for it, and happy week!
Your e-coach