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Table 2 Inclusion and exclusion criteria and underlying rationale

From: CANreduce-SP—adding psychological support to web-based adherence-focused guided self-help for cannabis users: study protocol for a three-arm randomized control trial

Inclusion criteria Reasoning
Informed consent via the Webform To ensure adequate knowledge of the procedures and declare their consent
Minimal age of 18 years To ensure a minimum age of participation
Cannabis use at least once weekly over the last 30 days To include participants with less than daily cannabis use, increase the validity of results
At least once-weekly Internet access and a valid e-mail address To ensure at least some access to the intervention
Good command of the Spanish language To ensure that participants will be able to understand the information provided
Exclusion criteria Reasoning
Participation in other psychosocial or pharmacological treatments for the reduction or cessation of cannabis use To avoid confounding treatment effects
Current pharmacologically-treated psychiatric disease or any history of psychosis, schizophrenia, bipolar type I, substance use disorder, or significant current suicidal or homicidal thoughts To avoid having subjects with these problems enter the study, since they could hinder the treatment’s effectiveness