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Table 1 SPIRIT schedule of enrollment, intervention, and assessments

From: Internet of things-based home noninvasive ventilation in COPD patients with hypercapnic chronic respiratory failure: study protocol for a randomized controlled trial

Timepoint Study period
Enrolment Allocation Post-allocation Close-out
Day 0 Day 1 3 months 6 months 12 months 12 months
  Eligibility screen X      
  Informed consent X      
  Allocation   X     
  NIPPV plus IOT   X X X X  
  NIPPV alone   X X X X  
  Demographics X      
  Comorbidity X      
  Vital signs   X X X X  
  Hospital readmission   X X X X  
  Exacerbation   X X X X  
  Survival status   X X X X  
  Arterial blood gases   X X X X  
  Lung function   X    X  
  SRI score   X X X X  
  CAT score   X X X X  
  mMRC score   X X X X  
  cNAT score   X X X X  
  Compliance   X X X X  
  Chest CT   X    X  
  Electrocardiogram   X    X  
  Echocardiography   X    X  
  Routine laboratory tests   X    X  
  Cost-effectiveness   X X X X  
  Safety   X X X X  
  1. NIPPV noninvasive positive pressure ventilation, IOT Internet of things, SRI severe respiratory insufficiency questionnaire, MRC Medical Research Council score, CAT COPD assessment test, cNAT COPD nocturnal symptom assessment test