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Table 1 Measures and assessment schedule

From: Elucidating treatment targets and mediators within a confirmatory efficacy trial: study protocol for a randomized controlled trial of cognitive-behavioral therapy vs. light therapy for winter depression

Measure Construct assessed Metric Pre-TX Weekly during TX Mid-TX* Post-TX* Winter 2 Winter 3
SIGH-SAD [42] (see description) SAD recurrence (primary outcome) and remission status, symptom severity Categorical recurrence status, categorical remission status, score X X X X X X
Beck Depression Inventory-II (BDI-II) [52] Depression symptom severity, remission status (BDI-II ≤ 8) Score, categorical remission status X X X X X X
Beck Anxiety Inventory [53] Anxiety symptom severity Score X   X X X X
Dim light melatonin onset (DLMO) Circadian timing Clock time (military) X    X X X
Wrist actigraphy and Pittsburgh Sleep Diary [54] Sleep & circadian timing; daytime activity Mean mid-point of sleep; mean daily activity count X    X X X
Phase angle difference (PAD) Circadian timing DLMO–mid-sleep (from actigraphy) X    X X X
PIPR Post-illumination pupil response Net PIPR (red–blue light response) X   X X X X
Pupil dilation and sustained frontal gamma-band EEG responses to negative and winter words Prefrontal engagement as it relates to emotion elaboration and regulation Mean pupillary and sustained frontal gamma responses 2–10 s following emotional word onset X   X X X X
Seasonal Beliefs Questionnaire (SBQ) [32] Maladaptive thoughts about the seasons and light availability Score X   X X X X
Dysfunctional Attitudes Scale-Form A (DAS) [55] Depressive schemas Score X   X X X X
Behavioral Activation for Depression Scale (BADS) [56] Self-reported behavioral activation Score X   X X X X
Composite Scale of Morningness (CSM) [57] Chronotype Score X   X X X X
Treatment Credibility Scale [58] Credibility for the CBT-SAD and LT treatment conditions Score X   X X   
Millon Clinical Multiaxial Inventory—Fourth Edition (MCMI-IV) [59] DSM-5 personality disorders Scale scores, possible DSM-5 personality disorders X      
Quality of Life Enjoyment and Satisfaction Questionnaire (Q-LES-Q) [60] Quality of life related to: physical health, mood, leisure time activities, social relationships, general activities, work (if applicable), household duties (if applicable), and school/coursework Score X    X X X
Sheehan Disability Scale (SDS) [61] Mental-health related impairment in work, social life/ leisure activities, and home life/family responsibilities Score X    X X X
MOS SF-20 (62) Health-related quality of life Score X    X X X
SCID-5-RV major depressive episode criteria Recurrences between post-treatment and winter 2 and between winters 2 and 3 Categorical recurrence status      X X
  1. *Repeated in winter 2 if switched to the alternate treatment
  2. Candidate mediator of LT’s effects
  3. Candidate mediator of CBT-SAD’s effects. TX-treatment