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Table 3 Treatment regimen for each group

From: Efficacy of contralaterally controlled functional electrical stimulation compared to cyclic neuromuscular electrical stimulation and task-oriented training for recovery of hand function after stroke: study protocol for a multi-site randomized controlled trial

Group Lab Task Practice (22 sessions in 12 weeks) Home Exercise (10 sessions/week)
CCFES Observe home regimen (15 min).
CCFES-mediated functional task practice (75 min)
CCFES-mediated cued hand opening
(1 session = 22-min period × 2)
cNMES Observe home regimen (15 min).
Functional task practice with no stim (75 min)
cNMES-mediated hand opening
(1 session = 29-min period × 2)
TOT Review home regimen (15 min).
Functional task practice – same as cNMES (75 min)
TOT home exercise program
(1 session = 30-min period × 2)