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Table 1 Outcome collection during the study

From: STRONG for Surgery & Strong for Life — against all odds: intensive prehabilitation including smoking, nutrition, alcohol and physical activity for risk reduction in cancer surgery — a protocol for an RCT with nested interview study (STRONG-Cancer)

Outcomes Week 6 (FU) Surgery Follow-up 30 days Follow-up 3 + 6 months
Main: Risk reduction of at least 1 step for at least 1 risky lifestyle (ASA-definition)
 Yes/no X X X X
 Level (going from–to) X X X X
Secondary outcomes
 Quitting the risky lifestyles (as intervened) X X X X
 Any reduction in lifestyles or frailty X X X X
 Hospital Anxiety and Depression Score (1Q) X X X X
 General HR-Quality of life (EQ-5D) X X X X
 Complications (yes/no)    X X
 Clavien-Dindo (grade) and CCI    X X