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Table 4 Custom made orthoses

From: Using a modified nominal group technique to develop complex interventions for a randomised controlled trial in children with symptomatic pes planus

Options Votes
Shell material
 Single material - Rigid (does not bend) 7
 Single material -Semi rigid (some flexibility) 8
 Single material -Flexible/cushioning (does bend/cushions) 3
 Multi density (Rigid) 7
 Multi density (semi-rigid) 8
 Multi density (flexible/cushioning) 3
 None 6
 Intrinsic posting 7
 Extrinsic posting 7
Top cover material
 None 7
 Minimal (e.g. leather/vinyl) 8
 Cushioning (e.g. Poron or similar polyurethane) 7
 Cushioning with modifications to offload specific areas 7
  1. Numbers reflect the number of participants voting that each option was suitable to be added to the menu of acceptable options