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Table 2 Definitions of different types of foot orthoses

From: Using a modified nominal group technique to develop complex interventions for a randomised controlled trial in children with symptomatic pes planus

Categories were defined to align with previous international surveys of orthoses prescription habits [25, 26]
- Simple orthoses
 Flat orthoses with or without padding to accommodate painful areas or lesions.
- Prefabricated orthoses
 Devices made to a generic foot shape, contoured for the arch, and included modular prefabricated orthoses that can be altered by clinicians (e.g. by the addition of heel posting, wedges, pads or top covers).
- Custom made orthoses
 Manufactured for a specific person based on a 3D impression or computerised image of that person’s foot, and produced using computer-aided device/manufacturing (CAD/CAM) or more traditional manufacturing techniques (e.g. foam impression box or plaster of Paris cast).