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Table 1 Highlights of the activities and assessments for intervention and control arm

From: Development and evaluation of a package to improve hypertension control in Nigeria [DEPIHCON]: a cluster-randomized controlled trial

  Activity Intervention Control
1 Baseline survey Yes Yes
2 Selection, screening and standard training of CORPs on blood pressure screening Yes Yes
3 Training on additional information on follow-up care for hypertensive patients and CORPs coordination Yes No
4 Trained CORPs screen and refer community members found to have high blood pressure Yes
Referral to the designated primary healthcare centre in the community
Referral will be to the community member’s health facility of choice
5 Train health facility staff in designated primary healthcare facilities on the National guideline for hypertension treatment Yes No
6 CORPs Monthly checking and recording of blood pressure as well as providing health education/counselling support by the CORPs Yes No
7 SMS messaging on medication and healthy lifestyle adherence to support follow-up care Yes No
8 Anthropometry measurement, e.g. weight, height and body mass index (BMI)
Biochemical measurement
Yes No
9 Endline survey Yes Yes