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Table 4 Schedule of enrolment, intervention, and assessments

From: Effect of electroacupuncture on discomfort during gastroscopy: a study protocol for a randomized controlled trial

Timepoint Screening Baseline Intervention Operation Follow-up
Before After Before During 30 min after endoscopy Day 7
Basic information
 Informed consent X        
 Inclusion/exclusion X X       
 EA    X X     
 SEA    X X     
Primary outcome
 Discomfort VAS        X  
Secondary outcomes
 Discomfort VAS        X X
 STAI-S6    X X     
 APAIS    X X     
 HR BP and SpO2      X X X  
 Preference in a future endoscopy        X X
 The duration of the gastroscopy        X  
 The number of biopsies        X  
 Adverse events    X X X X X X
 Patient satisfaction        X  
 Success of blinding        X  
  1. EA electroacupuncture, SEA sham electroacupuncture, VAS visual analogue scales, STAI-S6 six-item short form of the State-Trait Anxiety Inventory, APAIS Amsterdam Pre-operative Anxiety and Information Scale, HR heart rate, BP blood pressure, SpO2 oxygen saturation