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Table 3 Summary of intervention components by trial arm

From: Communication Bridge™-2 (CB2): an NIH Stage 2 randomized control trial of a speech-language intervention for communication impairments in individuals with mild to moderate primary progressive aphasia

Intervention component Control arm Experimental arm
Script training Required Optional
Word retrieval cuing hierarchy Required Optional
PPA “basics” educational video Required Required
Personalized communication strategy education and training Not allowed Required
Communication Bridge™ web application home practice activities Required. Self-paced. Required. Self-paced.
Personalized training stimuli for both synchronous and home practice activities. Not allowed Required
Therapeutic activities tailored to participant GAS goals Not allowed Required
Collaborative problem solving/counseling around barriers to communication participation Not allowed Required
  1. Optional components are incorporated based on participant preference and whether the prescribed intervention approach is aligned with the participants’ GAS goals