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Table 1 Intervention technology channels and content

From: A multiple technology-based physical activity intervention for Latina adolescents in the USA: randomized controlled trial study protocol for Chicas Fuertes

Website content Instagram posts Fitbit tracker and smartphone App SMS/texting
-New tailored report*
-Goal setting calendar*
-Current activity graphs*
-Engagement points tally*
-Activity resource guide
-Activity leaders board
-Message board
-Monthly questionnaires
-Instagram feed
-Daily tip
-Solutions to common barriers
(*Individually tailored)
-Reminders to wear and sync Fitbits
-Physical activity demonstration videos/modeling
-Places to be active
-Benefits/outcome expectancies
-Social support
-Behavior change techniques
-Weekly challenge
-Goal setting (daily active minutes, steps, energy expenditure, standing)
-Activity tracking
-Reminders to move
-Goal achievement reinforcement
-Trophies and badges
-Weekly goal reminder
-Weekly goal update*
-Weekly adaptive goal setting*
(*Months 2–12 only)