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Table 2 Study measures by construct

From: Study protocol for a cluster randomized trial of a school, family, and community intervention for preventing drug misuse among older adolescents in the Cherokee Nation

Construct Measure Type Informant Timing
 School School size, race/ethnic composition, etc. Record Record Year 1
 Community Library, churches, city government, police, etc. Record Record Year 1
 Connect implementation Session attended, risk level, behavioral goals, use of MI Session form Web-based program, Connect coach Year 2–4
 Connect MI fidelity Motivational Interviewing Treatment Integrity Coding System Videotaped coding of Connect coach MI skills Observer Year 2–4
 Teacher adoption of practices Confidence, skills, and practices Survey Teachers Year 2–4
 CMCA implementation Contacts, action team members, meetings, actions/events, and outcomes achieved Access database forms CMCA organizers Year 2–4
 Other prevention activities Curriculum, screenings, parent education, community prevention, media, etc. Survey School representative Year 2–4
Youth measures  
 Demographics Age, gender, race/ethnicity, tribal citizenship, tribal identity, free/reduced price lunch Survey Youth Year 2–5
 Mediators Social support, perceived availability of drugs, social normative beliefs, self-efficacy, normative estimates Survey Youth Year 2–5
 Others Depression, anxiety, pain, future aspirations Survey Youth Year 2–5
 Primary outcomes Past 30-day use of alcohol, marijuana, prescription opioid misuse Survey Youth Year 2–5