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Table 3 Schedule of study procedures and assessments

From: M2HepPrEP: study protocol for a multi-site multi-setting randomized controlled trial of integrated HIV prevention and HCV care for PWID

Assessment name Pre-SCR SCR BSL 3M 6M 9M 12M 15M 18M
Verbal consent and pre-screening questionnaire X         
Screening informed consent form   X        
Locator form   X X X X X X X X
Medical release authorization forms   X        
Injection drug use and eligibility questionnaire   X        
HIV and HCV testing history and readiness, knowledge   X        
Demographic questionnaire, health literacy   X        
Trial informed consent form    X       
Full sociodemographic survey    X X X X X X X
Substance use profile    X X X X X X X
Alcohol use, drug use    X   X   X   X
Injection profile, needle access, sharing needles and works    X X X X X X X
Overdose history survey    X   X   X   X
Attitudes towards HIV, attitudes towards HCV    X       
Experience of illness scale    X X X     
Medical mistrust    X       
History of abuse and interpersonal violence    X   X   X   X
Social support and conflictual social interaction    X       
Brief Pain Inventory    X X X X X X X
Brief Symptom Inventory    X X X X X X X
Household Food Survey    X X X X X X X
EuroQol-5D-5L    X       
Crime and legal activities    X X X X X X X
Non medical and other services    X X X X X X X
Access to care    X   X   X   X
Sexual behavior    X X X X X X X
Condom use    X   X   X   X
Communicating w/ physician about PrEP/HCV Tx self-efficacy    X X X     
Relationship with physician    X X X     
PrEP adherence HCV-PA1 and 2     X X X X X X
Adherence counseling/patient navigation satisfaction survey EOI
  1. SCR screening, BSL baseline, EOI end of intervention, M month