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Table 1 Content of Sunset Without AIDS mapped to the IMB concept framework

From: Sunset Without AIDS: protocol for a randomized controlled trial of a brief video-based intervention to improve the ability of AIDS prevention in elderly men

Component Story content (18 min) Expert guidance content (7 min)
Information The different ways by which the protagonists was infected with HIV and its performance if infected with HIV
The older infected with HIV bring many troubles and problems to their families
Addressing the misconceptions of AIDS discrimination
Experts provide HIV-related knowledge, attitude, and behavior guidance
Motivation Avoiding high-risk sexual behaviors will benefit for individuals, partners, and families, thus increasing the motivation to prevent infection
The real-life images and characters in the videos (the protagonists are all older) can effectively increase the motivation of older men to watch and learn
Positively frames autonomy to facilitate partner disclosure and to seek social support
Analyze the focus issues in the video to strengthen relevant knowledge and behavior training
Reiterates key messages using pictures and text to further motivate older men to turn avoiding infection into intrinsic motivation
Behavioral Protagonist models facing life actively and became AIDS volunteers to contribute their strength to the society Experts guide on how to avoid infection, such as the correct use of condoms
Promotes problem solving to identify ways to reduce discrimination and develop solutions for cross-infection between partners and handle common situations that affect partner disclosure