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Table 3 The future scale

From: Animated, video entertainment-education to improve vaccine confidence globally during the COVID-19 pandemic: an online randomized controlled experiment with 24,000 participants

Items Response
I1. I can think of many ways to get out of a jam. 1. = Definitely false
I2. I energetically pursue my goals. 2. = Mostly false
I3. I feel tired most of the time. 3. = Somewhat false
I4. There are lots of ways around any problem. 4. = Slightly false
I5. I am easily downed in an argument. 5. = Slightly true
I6. I can think of many ways to get the things in life that are important to me. 6. = Somewhat true
I7. I worry about my health. 7. = Mostly true
I8. Even when others get discouraged, I know I can find a way to solve the problem. 8. = Definitely true
I9. My past experiences have prepared me well for my future.  
I10. I’ve been pretty successful in life.  
I11. I usually find myself worrying about something.  
I12. I meet the goals that I set for myself.  
  1. Note: Items 2, 9, 10, and 12 make up the agency subscale. Items 1, 4, 6, and 8 make up the pathway subscale. Researchers can either examine results at the subscale level or combine the two subscales to create a total hope score