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Table 2 Schedule of events

From: The Opioid Analgesic Reduction Study (OARS)—a comparison of opioid vs. non-opioid combination analgesics for management of post-surgical pain: a double-blind randomized clinical trial

    Post-Operative Period
Procedures Screening (Visit 0) Study Visit 1:  Surgery (Day 1) Upon Waking in the Morning (Days 2 to 10 +/-5) When taking Pain Meds (Days 1 to 10 +/-5) Before Going to Sleep in the Evening (Days 1 to 9 +/-5) Intermediate Visit / Hospitalization or Fatality Days 1 to 10 (+/- 5) Post Operative Visit Study Visit 2 (Day 10 +/-5) Withdrawal or Termination PDMP Query (Visit 2 plus 186 days +/- 14 days)
Signed Consent Form X         
Assessment of Eligibility Criteria (including review of medical history and concomitant medications) X X        
Study Intervention   X X X X     
Pain Assessment   X        
Pain Interference Assessment      X   X   
Sleeping Quality    X     X   
Assessment of Adverse Events    X   X   X X  
Adverse Events and Serious Adverse Event Reporting       X    
Obtain Satisfaction        X   
Determination of Tablets for Diversion        X   
Premature Exit study Documentation         X  
PDMP Inquiry          X