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Table 1 Data collection schedule for the PACAPh study in both groups

From: Effectiveness of an individualized home-based physical activity program in surgery-free non-endarterectomized asymptomatic stroke patients: a study protocol for the PACAPh interventional randomized trial

  Initial consultation Visit #1 Follow-up phone calls Visit #2
D0 D7 ± 7 D Every 2 weeks M6 ± 15 D
Medical history X  
Clinical data X   X
Pregnancy tests (only for females of child-bearing age) X X
Magnetic resonance imaging X X
Blood sampling  
Complete blood count and lipid content   X   X
Cytometry X X
Hemorheology X X
Coagulation analysis X X
Bioassays X X
Physical activity level  
Isometric quadricep strength   X   X
Cognition (Folstein mini-mental)   X   X
Sedentary behavior X X
Nutrition (PNNS) X X
Quality of life (EQ-5D-5L) X X
Tobacco consumption X X
Anthropometrics X X
Compliance   X X
Adverse event assessment X X X
Activity tracker (PA group only)  
Steps/day   Continuously