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Table 7 Randomised participant withdrawals (as of 17 Sep 2020)

From: Recruitment to a large scale randomised controlled clinical trial in primary care: the Helicobacter Eradication Aspirin Trial (HEAT)

Reason for withdrawal Number of participants Percentage of total randomised participants
Treatment phase
 Treatment sent but no response from the patient 224 4.18
 Incorrectly enrolled in the trial 17 0.32
 Adverse reaction to trial treatment 55 1.03
 Did not want to take medication/risk side effects 18 0.34
 Consent to active contact and use of electronic data withdrawn 73 1.36
 Consent to active follow-up contact withdrawn; continuing use of electronic data allowed 457 8.52
 Participant died or terminally ill 531 9.92
 Withdrawn at request of GP 37 0.69
 Withdrawal by the participant for health reasons 5 0.09