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Table 2 Schedule of enrolment and evaluations

From: Virtual Arm Boot Camp (V-ABC): study protocol for a mixed-methods study to increase upper limb recovery after stroke with an intensive program coupled with a grasp count device

Study procedures Screening Baseline evaluation Post-intervention evaluation Two-month evaluation
Timepoint T1 T0 T1 T2
Informed consent +    
Inclusion/exclusion criteria +    
Demographics   +   
Randomization   +   
Primary outcome measure
 3-day hand counts   + + +
Secondary outcome measures
  Upper limb pain   + + +
  Arm Capacity and Movement Test (upper limb functional capacity)   + + +
  REACH Scale (self-reported arm use)   + + +
  Stroke impact scale—arm function   + + +
  Stroke impact scale—arm strength   + + +
Adverse events   +* +* +*
  1. *indicates that the measure will be taken or monitored throughout the intervention period