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Table 1 Nine-point Likert scale for participants to rate the candidate outcomes

From: Dental antibiotic stewardship: study protocol for developing international consensus on a core outcome set

Outcome Not important Important but not critical Critical  
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Unable to rate
Antibiotic use
Amount (e.g. number) of antibiotics prescribed           
Rate of antibiotic prescribing           
Appropriateness of antibiotic prescribing           
Complications or harm
Complications or harm resulting from antibiotic treatment           
Complications or harm resulting from disease progression           
Complications of harm resulting from surgical site (wound) infection           
Complications or harm resulting from distance site infection (elsewhere in the body)           
Need for escalation of care           
Serious adverse outcomes           
Patient-reported measures
Satisfaction with the result (outcome) of the care provided           
Satisfaction with the dental treatment provided           
Need to taking time off usual responsibilities           
Mental health impact           
Ability to carry on with daily life as normal           
Cost of the intervention
Cost to the healthcare system           
Cost to dental prescribers           
Cost to patients           
Time to clinical response (for studies of therapeutic dental antibiotic prescribing)
Time taken until treatment           
Time until symptom resolution (after treatment)           
Severity of symptoms whilst waiting for resolution (after treatment)           
Number of unplanned return dental visits (after treatment)