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Table 1 Timelines of stages of Best Services Trial

From: The Best Services Trial (BeST?): a cluster randomised controlled trial comparing the clinical and cost-effectiveness of New Orleans Intervention Model with services as usual (SAU) for infants and young children entering care

Stage Feasibility RCT CSO funded Bridging period NSPCC funded NIHR funding/legal challenge to London randomisation Definitive RCT with London site End of recruitment New end date with 2.5-year follow-up
Time Dec 2011–May 2015 June 2015–Dec 2015 Jan 2015–28.08.2017 29.08.2017 31.7.21 29.02.2024
Randomisation condition Consent > baseline > randomisation Randomisation > consent > baseline Consent > randomisation > baseline
Key challenges Very high recruitment rate and delays to accessing services Waiting lists due to teams treating non-RCT families Potential for bias to be introduced through post-randomisation baseline assessment—necessary to comply with judicial requirements