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Table 2 Secondary outcome measures

From: Paramedic Norwegian Acute Stroke Prehospital Project (ParaNASPP) study protocol: a stepped wedge randomised trial of stroke screening using the National Institutes of Health Stroke Scale in the ambulance

Outcome measure Cohort 1
Suspected stroke
Cohort 2
Final diagnosis of stroke
Prehospital on-scene time X X
Onset-to-hospital time X X
Onset-to-treatment time X X
Interrater agreement between paramedics and admitting stroke physician X X
Absolute change in NIHSS from prehospital to; admission, 2 h post admission, 24 h post admission and at discharge X X
Number of patients with suspected acute stroke admitted to the stroke unit X X
Number of patients with confirmed acute stroke diagnosis X  
Door-to-(first) brain imaging time interval X  
Number of patients receiving IVT X X
Door-to-needle time in patients receiving IVT X X
Number of patients with symptomatic post-thrombolysis haemorrhage X X
Number of patients receiving EVT   X
Door-to-groin-puncture time in patients receiving EVT   X
mTICI score   X
Door-to-needle time for blood pressure lowering in patients with ICH   X
NIHSS at discharge   X
NIHSS at 90-day follow-up   X
Modified Rankin Scale (mRS) at 90-day follow-up   X
Identified LVO, anterior and posterior   X
Infarction volume (MRI/CTP)   X
  1. mTICI modified thrombolysis in cerebral infarction [28], ICH intracranial haemorrhage, ASPECTs Alberta Stroke Program Early CT score [29]