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Table 1 Functionality of ParaNASPP application

From: Paramedic Norwegian Acute Stroke Prehospital Project (ParaNASPP) study protocol: a stepped wedge randomised trial of stroke screening using the National Institutes of Health Stroke Scale in the ambulance

Application functionality Control version Intervention version In-hospital version
Generation of study ID X X  
Registration of paramedic ID X X  
Ambulance trip ID (AMIS) X X  
Age X X  
Gender X X  
Onset of symptoms X X  
Delivery location X X  
COVID-19 status prehospital X X  
Antithrombotic medication   X  
NIHSS, individual elements and total score   X X
Vital parameters registered—blood pressure, pulse rate, body temperature and blood glucose   X X
Encrypted transfer of information to stroke physician via SMS   X  
Direct call through application to on-call stroke physician   X  
Generation of QR-code for transfer of data to in-hospital application   X  
QR-code scanner    X
Admission time    X
Time of imaging
Time of IVT or EVT    X
  1. SMS short message service, CT computer tomography, CTA CT angiography, CTP CT perfusion, MRI magnetic resonance imaging, IVT intravenous thrombolysis, EVT Endovascular thrombectomy