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Table 1 Inclusion criteria

From: Rationale and design of the PeriOperative ISchemic Evaluation-3 (POISE-3): a randomized controlled trial evaluating tranexamic acid and a strategy to minimize hypotension in noncardiac surgery

Patients must fulfill ≥ 1 of the following criteria:
1. NT-proBNP ≥ 200 ng/L;
2. History of coronary artery disease;
3. History of peripheral arterial disease;
4. History of stroke;
5. Undergoing major vascular surgery; OR
6. Any 3 of 9 risk criteria
 A. Undergoing major surgery;
 B. History of congestive heart failure;
 C. History of a transient ischemic attack;
 D. Diabetes and currently taking an oral hypoglycemic agent or insulin;
 E. Age ≥ 70 years;
 F. History of hypertension;
 G. Serum creatinine > 175 μmol/L (> 2.0 mg/dl);
 H. History of smoking within 2 years of surgery; or
 I. Undergoing emergent/urgent surgery.
  1. NT-proBNP N-terminal pro–B-type natriuretic peptide