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Table 1 Overview of programmes and organisations involved

From: Development and evaluation of rapid data-enabled access to routine clinical information to enhance early recruitment to the national clinical platform trial of COVID-19 community treatments

Organisation / programme Description
The National Core Studies (NCS) programme This programme was established in 2020 and is using health data and research to inform the long-term response to COVID-19 and is accelerating progress in establishing a world-leading health data and research infrastructure for the future.
The Clinical Trials Therapeutics NCS This study was established in 2020 to accelerate delivery of large scale COVID-19 trials, working in partnership with the DHSC Therapeutics Task Force.
The Data and Connectivity NCS This study was established in 2020 to increase the use of data to inform decision makers and catalyse COVID-19 research. The Data and Connectivity NCS is led by HDR UK and the Office for National Statistics.
Health Data Research UK (HDR UK) This institute was established to unite the UK’s health data to enable discoveries that improve people’s lives. By making health data safely available to researchers and innovators, it will be possible to more rapidly develop improved understanding of disease and approaches to prevent, treat and cure them.
NHS DigiTrials This is the Health Data Research hub for data-enabled Clinical Trials and is a partnership between NHS Digital, the University of Oxford Big Data Institute, IBM and Microsoft.
The UK’s national COVID-19 testing programme The UK’s national COVID-19 testing programme generates testing outcome data at an individual level. This data flows from the testing programme (Test & Trace) in England into NHS Digital. By 26 November 2020, there had been nearly 40 million virus tests conducted and over 18,000 positive cases per day recorded in the UK [1].