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Table 1 Constituents of Jiangniaosuan formula

From: Efficacy of Chinese herbal medicine Jiangniaosuan formula for treatment of hyperuricemia: study protocol for a double-blinded non-inferiority randomized controlled clinical trial

Chinese name Scientific name Dosage (g) Purported effect
(Wang bu liu xing zi)
Vaccaria hispanica
(Mill.) Rauschert
10 Promotes dampness and reduces jaundice
(Bai jie zi)
Semen sinapis 10 Resolves phlegm and dissipates stagnation
车前子(Che qian zi) Plantaginis semen 10 Clearing dampness and eliminates phlegm
(Fen bi xie)
Dioscorea hypoglauca Palibin 10 Removes dampness and turbidity, dispels wind, and relieves arthralgia
(Sheng shan zha)
Crataegus pinnatifida Bunge 10 Promotes circulation and prevents stasis
(Wei ling xian)
Clematis chinensis Osbeck 15 Dispels wind and dampness, activates meridians, and relieves pain
(Zhi da huang)
Rheum palmatum L 10 Purges heat and promotes defecation, cools and detoxifies blood, relieves blood stasis, and dredges meridians