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Table 2 Time schedule of recruitment, enrollment, intervention, assessments, and visits

From: Double-blind placebo-controlled randomized clinical trial to assess the efficacy of montelukast in mild to moderate respiratory symptoms of patients with long COVID: E-SPERANZA COVID Project study protocol

  Study period
Enrollment Allocation Post-allocation Close-out
Time point** t0 0 t1 t2* t3 t4* t5 tf*
Eligibility screen X X       
Informed consent   X       
Allocation   X       
Intervention [montelukast]         
Control [placebo]         
CAT scale X   X X X X X X
PCF Scale    X X X X X X
1MSTS test    X   X   X  
Severity of symptoms    X X X X X X
Health services use     X X X X X
Mortality     X X X X X
Sick leave days        X  
Side effects and concomitant medication     X X X X X
Treatment compliance     X X X X  
  1. *Phone call visits