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Table 2 Schedule of assessments

From: Unification of Treatments and Interventions for Tinnitus Patients (UNITI): a study protocol for a multi-center randomized clinical trial

  Pre-screening Screening Baseline Treatment start Interim visit Final visit = end of treatment Follow-up Additional follow-up
ICF Aa A       
Eligibility criteria A A A      
ESIT-SQ    A      
TSCHQ    B      
Mini TQ A A A   A A A B
Tinnitus numeric rating scales   A A   A A A B
TFI   A A   A A A B
WhoQol-BREF   A A   A A A B
BFI-2    A      
CGI-I      A A A B
GUF   B B   B B B B
Mini-SOISES    A   A A A B
ATAQ    Bb    Bb   
FTQ    B   B B B B
MoCA   A       
Randomization    A      
Blood sampling    Bc      
Otological examination   A     A B B
Audiometry   A     A B B
Loudness match   A     A B B
Pitch match   A     A B B
Maskability   A     A B B
Residual inhibition   A     B B B
ABR    A     B B
AMLR    A     B B
Treatment     A A A   
Comorbidities   A A A A A A B
Concomitant medication/ treatment   A A A A A A B
Adverse events      A A A B
  1. A mandatory; B voluntary; ICF Informed Consent Form; ESIT-SQ European School of Interdisciplinary Tinnitus Research Screening Questionnaire; TSCHQ Tinnitus Sample Case History; Mini-TQ Mini Tinnitus Questionnaire; TFI Tinnitus Functional Index; THI Tinnitus Handicap Inventory; WhoQol-BREF World Health Organization Quality of Life – abbreviated; BFI-2 Big Five Inventory-2; CGI-I Clinical Global Impression Scale – Improvement; GUF Questionnaire on Hypersensitivity to Sound; PHQ-D Patient Health Questionnaire for Depression; SOISES Social Isolation Electronic Survey; ATAQ Attitudes Towards Amplification Questionnaire; FTQ Fear of Tinnitus Questionnaire; MoCA Montreal Cognitive Assessment; ABR Auditory Brainstem Response; AMLR Auditory Middle Latency Response
  2. Screening and Baseline measurements as well as treatment start can be performed on the same day. In this case, all measurements are only performed once. The baseline should be maximum 4 weeks before the treatment start; otherwise, baseline measures should be repeated (without ESIT-SQ, TSCHQ, BFI-2, ATAQ, electrophysiological measurements). aDeclaration of consent (ICF) can be digital for the pre-screening. bOnly for participants who were allocated to a single or combinational treatment with HA. cBlood samples can be taken at any time point before treatment start